What is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is basically slowly massaging metal back to it’s original form using metal rods, without damaging the paint. That means every single push has to be very precise to build on the previous push. If you rush and push slightly too hard the metal stretches and the paint will crack. If you push too light nothing happens. If you push in the wrong place you make more work for yourself and the repair takes longer. All that doesn’t matter that much on small dings but it matters immensely on big complex dents.

Do you use magnets, plungers, dry ice or suction cups?

No. I have about 50 metal rods and a few small hammers that I use in combination with custom PDR lights or a hot glue pulling technique, on dents that can’t be reached with the rods.

Do dents pop out?

Most dents don’t pop. Even those that do still need finishing work with the rods to make them perfect.

Do you do window tinting, headlight restoration, paint, mechanic work?

No, I specialize in PDR only.

Why do you charge more than some of your competitors?

I don’t believe in rushing repairs or taking shortcuts and I believe in fixing it right the first time. There are many ways that an inexperienced technician can do the same repair in half the time with half the effort. For example they can drill a hole instead of removing a tail light or an interior panel to access the dents or they can rush it and leave it looking rough, the last 10% of perfecting a dent are the most difficult and usually take a long time on bigger dents. Also I’ve been practicing PDR for 16 years and have the best quality tools on the market.

How long does it take to learn Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR has a very long learning curve. I would say it’s something like an art form. Every year I get about 10% better at it if I’m consciously trying to improve. For example I can now fix a complex dent in a couple of hours to 100% and 5 years ago the same dent would take 5 hours and would only be able to fix it to 90%. Or I can repair a hail damaged vehicle with 500 small dings in 1 day, 10 years ago that same car would take me 4 days and I would have cracked paint and push marks on most of the dents.